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ALL-IN-ONE Solar&Lithium Battery Energy System
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Product features

The priority supply sequence of Battery(DC) and Grid power(AC) can be set;
When the grid breaks down, smooth switch to this power source within 4ms and never cut off;
Built-in lithium battery, capacity from 1.2KWh-48KWh can be configured by the customers;The system assembly is flexible, simple and diversified
APP intelligent control, remote monitoring and control (optional)
Connected to the power grid to realize peak-shaving and valley-filling, and self-use for spontaneous use;
Multiple communication equipment: GPRS, RS485, CAN*2 (for lithium battery), Wifi (optional).

Professional energy management system, three-stage charging function, compatible with different kinds of Lithium iron batteries.
The charging current can be adjusted according to various battery capacity;
Friendly man-machine interface, large LCD screen display;
It has long cycle life, stable power supply and high reliability;
Wide operating temperature range, high and low temperature performance;
IP20/IP65 protection grade is optional.
Small size and light weight;

System capacity
Stored Battery2.4KWh4.8KWH4.8KWH9.6KWH19.2KWH24KWH38.4KWH
Battery Capacity24V100AH24V200AH48V100AH48V200AH48V400AH48V500AH96V400AH
Rated Output Power2KW3KW4KW5KW8KW10KW20KW
Inverter Parameters
DC Voltage24V24V48V48V48V48V96V
AC Iput & Output Voltage220-240Vac/100-120Vac50/60HzOptional
Output WaveformPure Sine Wave
Recharging Current10-50A Adjustable
Power Factor1.0
Switching Time<4ms
Lithium Battery Parameters
Number of battery cycles2000 times (100% DOD) / 4000 times (80% DOD) / 7000 times (50% DOD)
Cell TypeLiFePO4 Battery
MPPT Controller (Optional)
MPPT Voltage0-150V
MPPT Recharging Current24V60A24V60A48V80A48V100A48V80A*248V100A*296V100A*2
APP and LCD display
APP FunctionRemote Monitoring And Control Function (Optional)
LCD ScreenDisplay inverter\controller\lithium battery data (optional)
Installation MethodFloor-standing
Service life10 Years
Protection LevelIP20/IP65 Optional

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